Student Mailing List

The student mailing list allows the campus community to send email messages to all students.


  • Anyone in the campus community can send a message by emailing or posting in the Students Google Group.
  • All submissions will be held for review to confirm each follows the guidelines and requirements in the Broadcast Email and Mailing Lists Policy.
  • Approved messages appear in the Students Google Group immediately and are sent to students in a daily digest.
  • Rejected messages will send a generic notification to the sender. Reviewing staff may follow up with details and recommendations.

Key guidelines

Read the complete guidelines in the Broadcast Email and Mailing Lists Policy.

  • Messages must be related to college business.
  • Messages must come from an email address.
  • Messages to the student mailing list must begin the subject line with one of the following tags: [Safety], [Opportunity], [Event], [Services], or [Institution].
  • Messages must be accessible and should be concise.
  • A maximum of three (3) messages may be sent each term about a given topic to each audience.
    • A topic is the subject of a message, or what recipients are asked, offered, or given. Most things have a single topic: “apply to this internship.” Some things have multiple topics: “audition to perform,” and, “attend a performance.”
  • Repeat messages must be sent at least one week after the previous message.
  • Events promoted in mailing lists must first be added to the website calendar before any messages are sent.

How to send

  1. Log into or access your Beloit College email account.
  2. “Compose” a new email.
  3. Start the subject line with the relevant tag, followed by a title which summarizes the information to share.
    • [Safety] Keep your belongings safe, keep your room locked
    • [Opportunity] Local accounting internship available over summer
    • [Event] Senior art exhibition opening reception
    • [Services] Tutoring is available for any course
    • [Institution] Spring semester course registration process
  4. Write the email body. Remember to keep the message concise and accessible, as well as linking to any relevant resources.
  5. Put into the To: field.
  6. Review your email for any typos or inaccuracies.
  7. When ready, hit “Send” your email.
  8. Once reviewed, you should receive an email informing you if the message was accepted or rejected.

Planning the timing of repeat messages

Avoid sending at the last minute

Given there is a review process the timing of the daily digest is inconsistent, messages submitted on the last possible day may not appear in students’ inboxes until the following day.  Aim to submit your last message 1-2 days before the last possible day.

Aim to use all three messages available to you

Plan your messages to send across at least two weeks’ time to take advantage of the three messages available to each topic. If you do not have two weeks of time available, then make the most of the time you have.

Remember: you can always send at least one message so long as your content is still relevant (i.e. before an event). Make use of it.

Content specific suggestions


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