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Rachel A Bergstrom, Associate Professor of Biology

Rachel A. Bergstrom

Associate Professor of Biology
Director of the School of Health Sciences

A neuroscientist who can speak about epilepsy (seizure and spike detection and classification) and STEM education and the role of group work in science. In the spring/summer of 2020, Prof. Bergstrom spearheaded public education programming about COVID-19 in live Facebook segments with Beloit colleague Ron Watson.

Joe Bookman

Joe Bookman

Assistant Professor of Media Studies
Department Chair of Media Studies

A filmmaker who can speak about filmmaking, podcasting, media production, media theory, and the history of technology. His work has screened at festivals in Europe, Asia, South America, and in the Cinéfondation selection at Cannes. 

Amy Briggs

Amy Briggs

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Biology, Chair of Natural Sciences, and Faculty Director of Advising

A molecular biologist who can speak about molecular and cell biology, microbiology, food science, plant pathology, genetics, science education, and science education research.

Michael Dango

Michael Dango

Assistant Professor and Chair of English

Can speak about 20th and 21st-century American literature and culture, art history, visual studies, literary and critical theory, media studies, gender and sexuality, critical race theory, and feminism.

Manger Professor of International Relations

Beth Dougherty

Manger Professor of International Relations

Can speak about Iraqi politics, Middle East politics, human rights, U.S. foreign policy, and transitional justice, a response to widespread violations of human rights.

Susan Furukawa

Susan Westhafer Furukawa

Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (Japanese)
Department Chair for Modern Languages and Literatures

A Japanese literature scholar who specializes in literary analysis and translation, Dr. Furukawa’s work focuses on the intersection of historical narratives and popular culture in Japanese samurai tales. She is the author of The Afterlife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi: Popular culture and historical fiction in Japan (Harvard University Asia Center, 2022) as well as several other articles and book chapters. Professor Furukawa can speak out about the ways language and stories are used to curate our understanding of the environment and the world.

Tamara Ketabgian (ke-TAHB-jin)

Tamara Ketabgian

Professor of English
William and Gayle Keefer Chair of the Humanities

Can speak about 19th-century literature and culture, Jane Austen, environmental studies, the history of science and technology, the novel, science fiction, neo-Victorian steampunk literature, and utopian literature.

Kristin Labby, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Kristin J. Labby

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Can speak about antibiotic resistance, medicinal chemistry, research-intensive undergraduate science education, public science education, and conservation/analysis of art and artifacts.

Writing in Cuzco

Chuck Lewis

Professor of English
Director of the Writing Program

A literary studies and expository writing professor who can speak about contemporary trends in fiction and a variety of issues related to teaching college writing, such as digital technology and composition.

Sylvia Lopez

Sylvia López

Harry C. Moore Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish)

Can speak about Spanish language and U.S.-Latino literature and cultures. Latinx/Hispanic cultures through literary, cultural, and historical readings and film. Professor López has taught a wide variety of courses, including courses on health in Spanish-speaking communities and Spanish for those who have a cultural connection to the language.

Jingjing Lou

Jingjing Lou

Professor of Education & Youth Studies, Department Chair

Professor Jingjing Lou is an expert on international and comparative education and can speak about education systems and practices across different countries, especially in the East Asia context.

Brian Morello

Clinical Professor and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB)

Brian Morello, professor of entrepreneurship and former board member of City Brewery, the nation’s largest dedicated contract manufacturing and brewing company, can speak about beverages, how they are manufactured and distributed, and why they’re changing to meet consumer needs.

Diep at Econ Day 2024

Diep Phan

Professor of Economics and Business;
Director of the School of Business;
Chair of the Data Science & Data Analytics Program

Can speak about economic growth and developing nations, especially East and Southeast Asian economies.  Professor Diep Phan also specializes in education policies, entrepreneurship, international and internal migration.

Britt Scharringhausen

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Physics

A planetary astronomer who can speak about the rings and satellites of Saturn, orbital mechanics, and uncrewed space missions, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sciences and beyond. Her work has been featured in Scientific American and she was a longtime contributor to Cornell University’s popular Curious about Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer! website.

Kevin Smith

Kevin S. Smith

Assistant Professor of Economics

Can speak on general economic conditions (inflation, unemployment, etc.) and public policy in Medicaid expansion, minimum wage, and more. Professor Smith specializes in the American healthcare system and ways to improve competition in the healthcare insurance industry and reduce costs.

Matt Tedesco

Matthew Tedesco

Professor of Philosophy

Can speak about a wide range of ethical questions, especially biomedical or environmental. Professor Tedesco’s knowledge includes pop culture topics such as Game of Thrones and James Bond.

Pablo Toral

Pablo Toral

Professor of Environmental Studies and International Relations
Department Chair of Political Science

Can speak about environmental studies and global political ecology, international relations, Latin American affairs, and European affairs. 

Ron Watson, Ph.D.

Ron Watson

Associate Professor, Health & Society and Political Science

Can speak about public health issues, racial and ethnic politics in the United States, global health policy, U.S. health policy, racial health disparities, and the infant mortality rate. In the spring/summer of 2020, Professor Watson spearheaded public education programming about COVID-19 in live Facebook segments with Beloit colleague Rachel Bergstrom.

Helen M. Werner

Assistant Professor of Biology

A bioarchaeologist who can speak about human osteology, NAGPRA repatriation efforts, historical infectious diseases, and ancient DNA. She studies the expression of respiratory bacterial infections in skeletal remains and how the marginalization of a community compounds the intensity of disease.

Daniel Youd, Professor of Chinese, Modern Languages & Literatures.

Daniel Michael Youd

Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures (Chinese)

Can speak about the Chinese language, translation studies, the digital humanities, and the history of Chinese/Western cultural exchange and interaction.

Jay Zambito

Jay Zambito

Associate Professor of Geology
Department Chair for Geology
Director of School of Environment & Sustainability

Can speak about past climates, current climate change, future climate scenarios and the potential environmental impacts of mining.

Robin Zebrowski

Robin Zebrowski

Professor and Chair of Cognitive Science

Can speak about artificial intelligence (AI), cyborg technologies, human-robot interaction, embodied cognition, cognitive linguistics, and teaching philosophy with fiction/science fiction.

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