College Website Procedures

The college website ( uses LiveWhale as its content management system and is overseen by Communication & Marketing web staff.

Within LiveWhale, there are actions that general editors cannot generally take that will require the help of web staff. The following are actions that require web staff assistance and the procedures surrounding them.

Other Inquiries

  1. If an editor isn’t sure how to do something, they should first consult the online training materials. If the answer isn’t available in those materials, the editor should consult with web staff.
  2. If the task is something that a general editor can do, it is expected that one of the group’s editors will do it. Web staff will explain how to do the task, or at most work through the immediate task with an editor as an example.
  3. If the task is something that a general editor cannot do, such as the items in the list above, web staff will assist with the task directly.
  4. If the task is something that requires development work, then web staff will evaluate the need, attempt to identify an ideal approach, and may pursue it as a project.

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