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Put simply, everything speaks.

Campus in Fall

What people know, think, say, and feel about Beloit College comes from a wide range of sources, experiences, and interactions. The college’s faculty, curriculum, website, social media, publications, events, facilities, signage, staff, and the countless other ways people observe and interact with Beloit all shape the college’s brand.

Dean of Students Cecil Youngblood stands in front of the new BLM photo gallery display in the Powerhouse. 

The banners that changed Beloit

A new photo gallery in the Powerhouse chronicles the story of the Black Lives Matter banners on the Kang and Keefer pedestrian bridge during the summer of 2020.

Nicolette Meister, Logan Museum Director, and Celia Edwards, exchange student from York University, examine a contemporary Shoowa design cloth from the DRC.

International Collaboration Leads to New Acquisitions

After a journey from Ilebo to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Antwerp, Belgium, four amazing Shoowa raffia design cloths recently arrived at the Logan Museum.


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