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Put simply, everything speaks.

Campus in Fall

What people know, think, say, and feel about Beloit College comes from a wide range of sources, experiences, and interactions. The college’s faculty, curriculum, website, social media, publications, events, facilities, signage, staff, and the countless other ways people observe and interact with Beloit all shape the college’s brand.

Abby Bender’21

Being Back on Campus Feels Right

Abby Bender’s (Class of 2021) senior year certainly isn’t what she expected, but being back on campus feels right. “It is a weird experience having my senior year during a pandemic. I am fortunate to be able to live in an apartment with my friend to keep me sane, but I love seeing my friends in passing or having lunch with people. Even being at work feels so refreshing. I’m glad Beloit is being safe so I can be here for my final year.” Read more about Abby’s Beloit experience.

Indigenous People’s Day

Indigenous People’s Day and CMSAI

We talked recently to Nana Heaton about her role in Beloit Campus Mounds Sustainability and Advocacy Initiative, the group’s history, and what Indigenous People’s Day means and why it’s so important for us to celebrate it.


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