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Put simply, everything speaks.

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What people know, think, say, and feel about Beloit College comes from a wide range of sources, experiences, and interactions. The college’s faculty, curriculum, website, social media, publications, events, facilities, signage, staff, and the countless other ways people observe and interact with Beloit all shape the college’s brand.

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Beloit has allowed School of Health Sciences Director Rachel Bergstrom to be her exuberant, colorful self. “I get to be myself, and that improves what I do.”

Get to know Rachel Bergstrom

Professor of Biology Rachel Bergstrom is hard to miss on campus — and not just because of her pink hair and bright glasses.    

Aiden’s perspective on the world broadened on Beloit’s diverse campus. His passion for accessible mental health resources grew in his classes, and he hopes to purse a career in public health.

Gaining a wider perspective

Aiden Cortinas’25 always knew he wanted to help people and give back to his community, but wasn’t sure how. As Aiden reflects on his time in Beloit,


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