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Put simply, everything speaks.

What people know, think, say, and feel about Beloit College comes from a wide range of sources, experiences, and interactions. The college’s faculty, curriculum, website, social media, publications, events, facilities, signage, staff, and the countless other ways people observe and interact with Beloit all shape the college’s brand.

Namoonga Mantina’15

Alumna helps parents talk about COVID-19

Namoonga Mantina’15 was a part of a team of University of Arizona researchers who created a toolkit for parents, teachers, and school administrators to reference before talking to their kids about Coronavirus.

“In the spirit of “liberal arts in practice” that was ingrained in me from Beloit, working on this project was an opportunity to put my current educational pursuits in practice on a live issue.

We all have a role to play in this pandemic, for the safety of ourselves and our communities. This project was an avenue for me to be of service to my community, contributing to all the educational and informational efforts so that parents, teachers, and school administrators have a one-stop-shop of relevant and accurate resources to help them with the decisions they have to make and how to navigate conversations about Covid-19 with children.”

Namoonga is pursing a PhD in Public Health focusing on Health Behavior Health Promotion at University of Arizona.

Maria Heath’14

The tone of your tweets


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