Add Event to Website

Promote your event on your pages and the campus calendar.

General process

  1. Website editors add events to the group which is responsible for the event, to appear on their pages.
  2. All events which are “live” are shown on the campus calendar automatically.
  3. Editors can then suggest and share their events to other groups, so it can appear on their pages.
  4. Editors can also further promote events “Open to the Public” on News & Events and on the homepage’s event map.

How to add an event

In order to add events, a user must have access to edit the website. All “groups” (sites) should have at least one editor, but everyone who is a part of the group could have access and add events.

Student events

Events planned and run by students should be added to the website by faculty and staff to appropriate groups.

Automatic promotion

Additional Promotion

How should events be promoted?

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