Add Event to Website

Promote your event on your pages and the campus calendar.

General process

  1. Website editors add events to the group which is responsible for the event, to appear on their pages.
  2. All events which are “live” are shown on the campus calendar automatically.
  3. Editors can then suggest and share their events to other groups, so it can appear on their pages.
  4. Editors can also further promote events “Open to the Public” on News & Events or for campus audiences on For Beloiters.

What events should be added to the website?

Unless the event is private or invite-only, every campus event should be added to the website to help build a complete campus calendar.

  • For you, adding an event to the website provides passive promotion, where users can discover your event themselves or can easily look it up whenever they need to.
  • For our community, the calendar is a comprehensive resource to find events of interest and plan their schedules.
  • For our key external audiences, such as future students and their families, they expect to see a calendar full of events as a signal of an active and lively campus.
  • For event coordinators, the calendar helps to schedule new events at appropriate times, minimizing conflicts and overlaps, etc.

How to add an event

Whenever possible, events should be added directly to the website by event coordinators to their own group (minisite) on the website.

Promotion of events

Automatic promotion

Once an event is added to the website and set to live, it is already set up to appear in certain pages on the website.

Additional promotion

Event coordinators can take additional steps to further promote their event across the website.

Summary: how to promote based on audience

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