The Power Grid

The Beloit College Alumni Network

Launching into a successful career takes work - building a resume by taking courses and engaging in a variety of experiences over four years, learning and applying job search strategies, and knowing how to convey your value to employers.

It also takes the support of a network: individuals who mentor you by offering advice, connecting you with professionals in your field, and sharing opportunities such as internships and job leads. According to experts, fewer than 30% of job openings are published on job search sites. A strong professional network is therefore vital.

Alumni are available to mentor you

Beloit College’s mentor network, the Power Grid, is built upon the intersections of alumni with employers, and is accessible to students from their first year on. Soon after your arrival at Beloit College, you’ll be invited to meet alumni and employers in your fields of interest. These connections will then power you to gain entry to companies, nonprofits, and the public sector when you’re ready to search for internships and jobs.

The Power Grid works because it is populated by Beloit alumni and employers who have benefited from their connections with Beloiters. The Power Grid enables alumni to pay it forward, to help the students who came behind them to succeed and thrive.

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