Credit-Bearing Internships

Students can turn their endeavors into credit-bearing experiences. Research shows that experience PLUS mentored reflection yields high impact learning.

Note—many students who receive funding through the Common Grant are required to register their experience for credit through the Registrar’s Office in Pearsons Hall.  Tuition is charged for all credit-bearing experiences. For current tuition rates, please review the  Accounting office’s website

Questions about which option is best for you? For a side-by-side comparison of the two for-credit internship options see this chart.

FEP 200 (.25-1.00 unit)

In FEP 200, students engage in a paired experience-Special Project experience. As you search for an experience, talk with potential faculty sponsors. Your faculty sponsor will oversee the development of the content and form of the academic reflection, as assess whether the work merits the credit requested. 

After you have secured an experience, confirm the availability your faculty sponsor and then complete the FEP 200 form. FEP 200 taken for a full unit of credit (90-150 hours of experience activity) fulfill the Liberal Arts in Practice requirement (LAP-1). 

Graded credit/no credit.

  • FEP 200 Registration Form

    Use this form to work with a faculty member to reflect on what you are learning in your experience. (The form including the required signatures must be submitted to the Registrar)

FEP 201 Workshop (.50 unit, CR/NC, LAP-2)

Students will source their own work opportunity which may include paid or volunteer activities, online or “essential” in person work, help at home such as babysitting or home maintenance.* Students will set learning goals, due dates and help select readings. They will write 4 short reflective essays about workplace culture, social identity and work, professionalism, and how-to translate their learning into the language employers use. They will also conduct an informational interview with an alum. All written coursework will be online with a face-to-face wrap-up at the conclusion. Students are assessed on their engagement in the creation of learning objectives, the completion of a minimum of 45 hours at their internship site, the completion of the reflective essays, the informational interview and participation in the concluding workshop. Students MUST register prior to the beginning of their internship, no exceptions. Graded credit/no credit. Prerequisite: completion of Internship Workshop Registration form. *All students participating in FEP 201, IDST 100, or other Beloit College courses must agree to abide by minimum safety recommendations and all laws, restrictions and guidelines in their local areas to decrease the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. 

  • FEP 201 Registration Form

    Use this form to work with Career Works staff to reflect on your experience. (The form including the required signatures must be submitted to the Registrar)

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