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Your most important skills won’t come from a single class or apply to just a single job.

Four students work together at Beloit College's Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education ...

Sometimes they’re called soft skills: ability to communicate, work in teams, problem solve, and to adapt to change, challenge and unknowns.

They’re also known as operational skills: without them, even the best technical knowledge and skills have little value.

And they’re transferable skills: once you gain them, you can apply them in new contexts and to new challenges.

That’s why employers prioritize these kinds of skills in hiring; they’re that essential.

And that’s why at Beloit College, all students learn to communicate, collaborate, solve programs and become intellectually and professionally agile. No matter what they study. No matter where and how they spend their time outside of class. No matter whom and from whom they learn.

Beloit helps you develop the skills that employers want.

See how students learn and use these skills.

Teddy Williams’18

Opening Doors to College Access

Teddy Williams’18 benefitted from mentors and programs that made college accessible for students of color. Now, he opens doors for future generations through his work with the Schuler Scholar Program.

Mustafa Quadir’20 at work in the lab, with his professor and peer.

On the Job, Applying Skills Developed at Beloit College

Mustafa Quadir’20, an associate scientist at the pharmaceutical company PPD, relies daily on skills developed at Beloit College to collaborate with colleagues.

Phidor Kong’23 seated on the Beloit College sign.

Honing Writing and Analytical Skills to Develop Policy

Passionate about policy making and advocacy, Phidor Kong ’23 is taking every opportunity while at Beloit College to hone her communication and analytical skills by taking challenging courses, by serving as a research assistant, and creating policy alternatives as an intern for a Cambodian think tank.


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