Applying for Opportunities

Preparing for a search, whether it’s for an internship, summer job, or job after graduation, takes time and effort. We recommend being intellectually and professionally agile.

Search Timeline

Step One: Target Your Research!

  • Use Handshake as a home base to start searching. Branch out to other online resources to help widen your search. 
  • If you’re interested in opportunities outside of the U.S., use GoinGlobal, a resource for information and job postings about hundreds of countries and cities. In order to access GoinGlobal, log-in to Handshake and click on “Welcome to GoinGlobal”.
  • Target your search by identifying potential organizations. Consider your preferences by industry, geographic location, workplace culture, and more. We can help you refine your search, including introducing you to resources such as Google Maps or local and regional professional associations.
  • Polish your online presence. Did you know that it’s legal in most states for people to make hiring decisions based on your social media postings? Do a Google search of your name (both images and text results) and edit your privacy settings.

Step Two: Create Your Professional Portfolio and Network!

  • Prepare your first draft of your professional portfolio, with the help of a Career Works staff member.
  • Begin networking in your intended geographic area or industry.

Step Three: Apply and Interview!

  • Apply for positions - the more competitive the opportunity, the earlier the deadline. Begin your research early and make sure your professional portfolio is ready to go so when you find an opportunity you will be ready to apply.

  • Start preparing for interviews before you get offers. Get advice and participate in mock interviews with a Career Works staff member.

  • If you are not graduating, apply for summer funding using the Common Grant application.


Jessica Fox-Wilson ’98

Jessica Fox-Wilson

Director of Career Works
Office: Career Works
Emily Sager

Emily Sager

Career Development Advisor
Office: Career Works

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