Congratulations! Making it to the interview stage is a huge accomplishment.

Interviews allow you to learn more about the organization while you share your accomplishments and skills with the employer, graduate school faculty, or service year advisors.

General Interview Guidelines

In every interview situation, regardless of interview type or context, it is important to present yourself as a professional. Use these tips to below to demonstrate your professional qualities.

Career Works can help your prepare

Career Works also provides the following resources to students to assist them with interviews:

  • Practice Interviews: Our staff can help you prep for an interview by conducting a practice or “mock” interview with you. Practice interviews can take place in three formats: in-person, by phone, or by Zoom. It’s best to use the format that you’ll be using in the interview, for the most authentic experience. 
  • Interview Room: If you have a phone or video interview and need a quiet space, Career Works staff can assist you in booking a space on campus. 

Interviewing Abroad

Every country and culture has an individual approach to interviewing. Additionally, there may be very different laws and cultural practices in interviews, from asking what may seem like personal questions to body language.

To get country-specific advice, check out Interstride. The country and city guides include directions on interviewing, communication styles, professional attire, and more.

Ready to get interviewing?

The Career Works professional advisors are here to help you develop successful interviewing skills.

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