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Preparing for a job search, whether it’s your first time or your tenth time, takes lots of planning and work. Career Works can help you stay on track throughout the process.

Search Timeline

A good job search typically takes 3-6 months, at minimum. Make sure that you start early, so you can reach your goal on time. Remember - some fields, like finance and tech have application deadlines in September. Research your field and plan accordingly.

Six Months Out: Create Your Professional Presence - On Paper and Online

  • Prepare your professional portfolio, with the help of a Career Works staff member. This step can take time and a few revisions, so manage your time wisely.
  • Polish your online presence. Did you know that it’s legal for employers to make hiring decisions based on your social media postings? Google yourself regularly, using your legal and preferred names. Look for both both images and text. Also, remember to check your privacy settings.

Five Months Out: Target Your Research & Network

  • Use Handshake as a home base to start searching. Branch out to other online resources to help widen your search. Check out our job search resources, as well as identity-specific resources
  • If you’re interested in opportunities outside of the U.S., use Interstride, a resource for information and job postings about hundreds of countries and cities. International can also use Interstride to find lists of companies that sponsor H1B visas.
  • Target your search by identifying potential organizations. Consider your preferences by industry, geographic location, workplace culture, and more. We can help you refine your search, including introducing you to resources such as Google Maps or local and regional professional associations.
  • Begin networking in your intended geographic area or industry. You can use LinkedIn, professional associations, and alumni to build your professional network.

Three Months Out: Apply & Follow Up

  • Think like a hiring manager. A manager expects to hire a person about three months after they post the job. If you apply too early, you may not be available for that position yet.
  • Be ambitious when you apply for positions. You should meet about 60-80% of the qualifications in order to apply. This will give you the opportunity to grow in your new role!
  • Remember to follow up on your applications 2-3 weeks after the posting deadline with a quick email to the human resources department or the hiring manager.

Two Months Out: Get Ready to Interview

One Month Out: Secure Your Offer

  • When you get an offer, you don’t have to accept it right away (even if you really want the job). Make sure that the salary fits both the industry standard and your budget. Our staff can help you estimate your salary range, based on industry and geographic area. 
  • Your first salary predicts many of your future salaries, so now is the time to practice negotiating. If you feel like the position could earn more, you’ll need to work with the hiring manager to adapt the salary and benefits. Career Works staff can help you navigate negotiation successfully.

Questions? Need help?

Schedule an appointment with Career Works staff to plan out your job or internship application process.

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