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Move-In Day

Welcome to Beloit!

Related checklist items

  • January 6 – Submit flight arrival information for any student living outside the U.S.
  • January 15 – Move-in day for international students. U.S. citizens living abroad are also encouraged to move-in at this time.
  • January 16 – Move-in day for most U.S. students
    • If you are a fall varsity athlete or are selected for the Student Excellence and Leadership Program, you will receive additional correspondence about your move-in process.

Move-in Day

Students with U.S. Passports living outside of the United States

You are encouraged to move-in on January 15 and participate in International Student Orientation. Otherwise, please plan to move-in on January 16.

Domestic Students

Your move-in day will be January 16, 2020.

International Students (J-1, F-1, and Exchange)

Your move-in day will be January 15, 2020. Please submit your travel itinerary through the Portal as soon as you’ve made your arrangements.  

Exploring the city

Beloit College extends beyond campus. Several campus facilities, including CELEB (the entrepreneurship center), Gallery ABBA (the student-run art gallery), Hendricks Center for the Arts, and Turtle Creek Bookstore (the Beloit College bookstore) are located downtown.

Downtown Beloit is just a short walk down the hill from Beloit College. Within walking distance, you’ll discover plenty of dining options, cafés, and study spots with student specials. When you’re in need of a study break, you’ll also find open mic nights, trivia contests, live music, and plenty of fun social events in the Beloit community. On Saturday mornings in May-October, Beloiters love to gather at the downtown Farmers’ Market (which is renowned statewide).

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