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Academics & New Student Course Registration

Your first course, professor, advisor, and friends.

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Final transcript and AP/IB/GCE A-Level/college transfer credits

Once you have completed your studies at your current school and have graduated high school or finished your college exams, please arrange to have your final official transcript(s) sent to the Office of Admissions.

If applicable, official results of your AP/IB/etc. exams should also be reported to Beloit College, so they can be evaluated for credit. Before New Student Days, your Beloit College transcript will be updated to reflect any credit received. You can view your transcript on the Portal.

Questionnaire for advisor

Help your academic advisor get to know you! Log in to the Portal, go to the “New Students” tab, and complete the questionnaire for your advisor by July 1.

Modern Languages

We strongly encourage you either to continue studying the language you have already begun studying or to take on a new language during your time at Beloit.

Learn more about learning languages at Beloit

In particular, if you have previously studied a language, please contact a professor or take a placement exam before July 1. You and your advisor can then use the results to better plan your first semester at Beloit.

Registering for courses/Advising and Mentoring

During our on-line summer orientation series, we will be information that talk about how we do advising, college requirements, and how to register for courses. We will also have opportunities for you to talk with your AMP Advisor and SOAR students (peer, trained students) to ask any and all questions you may have about the process, and to assist you in exploring courses and building a schedule for success. 

In July 14-24, new students will have individual appointments with their assigned AMP Advisor to make final selections and register for courses. If the summer timeline does not work out for you, we will have some time during New Student Days in August/September to make it happen.

Basically, we get you ready for classes in the Fall term, step by step throughout the summer so that the transition seems seamless.

Make an appointment

More Information

Textbooks and course materials

Beloit College is here to help you quickly and easily obtain all of your course materials and books through our online textbook ordering service. Through this service, created in partnership with Akademos, Inc., Beloit College allows students to purchase their books and other required course materials at the Beloit College Online Bookstore prior to the start of classes and to charge these purchases directly to their student account.
What to know about charging your student account for bookstore purchases:

  • Beginning July 13th, the textbook ordering service is available to all students, pending Bursar’s Office approval of individual student accounts (see details below).
  • Each student will be able to charge to their student account, up to $800 per semester, for required course materials at the Beloit College Online Bookstore.
  • Purchases that can be charged to the student account are limited to Textbooks, Art Supplies, Office Supplies, and Dorm Supplies.
  • Charging directly to your student account will end October 31, 2020 for the Fall 2020 Semester so that you have time to get your second mod books and materials right when you need them.
  • Approval for charging your student account is required for each semester separately, and all purchases on the student account must be made through the Beloit College Online Bookstore.

In order to obtain student account charging privileges, students must be approved by the Bursar’s Office in Financial Services

  • The Bursar’s Office will approve and notify the Bookstore directly if one of the following requirements have been met:
    • Your student account is paid in full for the Fall 2020 Semester.
    • A payment plan is set up with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) for the Fall 2020 Semester. (Payment plan must be current and not past due)
  • To make a payment on your account or set up a payment plan, please visit

If you have any questions regarding charging your student account through the textbook ordering service, please contact the Bursar’s Office at (608) 363-2224 or

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