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Advising & Career Day

An entire day focused on helping you get acquainted with your future self.

During each spring term, classes are canceled for a day so that students can engage with faculty advisors, campus community members, and alumni. The day is designed to help students get the most out of their education by reflecting on their educational experiences and interests and developing a self-directed and personally rewarding course of study. Students participate in meaningful conversations across the wide variety of “advisors,” across Beloit College who advise, mentor, encourage and challenge them.

Advising & Career Day kicks off a focused advising week when advisors and students meet to discuss the goals that students want to achieve and which courses and experiences will get them there. Beginning with an advising session, hosted by a student’s AMP Advisor, these sessions focus on students’ experiences at the College, what they have learned, and how to take advantage of the many resources of the College.

Exploring majors and minors

A significant portion of each Advising & Career Day is devoted to majors and minors advising and other activities, such as bringing back alumni as speaker and panelists.

Departments host opportunities that explore such topics as current issues in the field, upcoming course offerings, career and graduate school options, exciting work by current students and alumni, and major-specific educational opportunities.

If students haven’t yet decided on a major or minor, they can attend different sessions across campus to learn more about disciplines and interdisciplinary programs. Faculty in those areas are available to answer questions and help students explore their interests.

Special interest sessions

Based on the interests and goals articulated in the Initiatives advising session, students identify special interest sessions that they want to attend later in the day.

These sessions are directed at helping students make informed, thoughtful decisions about what they’d like to achieve in the years ahead, and to take proactive steps toward reaching their goals. The sessions focus on themes such as:

  • Aspirations beyond Beloit College
  • Setting goals for the semester ahead (and how to accomplish them!)
  • Healthy practices for better life and academic outcomes
  • Planning your curriculum
  • How to make the most out of summer break
  • Making and leveraging social and professional connections

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