Advanced Mentoring Program

At Beloit, we’re all about building an education that works for you.

Amped Up

Professors work closely with students designing and creating innovative costumes for the various ... Beloit’s Advanced Mentoring Program (or AMP — we know it’s a mouthful) puts you in the driver’s seat for your first two years.

You and your AMP advisor decide the classes you want to take, get involved on campus, and make connections that will help you be successful well beyond your years at Beloit. From taking a leap of faith with a cellular biology class to trying out for the volleyball team (at your roommate’s request), your AMP advisor can be there every step of the way. That’s by design.

The Nuts and Bolts

Once you commit to Beloit, we’ll connect you right away (technically, within days) with a faculty member who will teach your AMP introductory course — your first taste of the engaged, hands-on, eclectic, think-on-your-feet learning that defines a Beloit education. You’ll dive deeply into a subject of interest, connect with classmates, and build foundational academic skills.

Your AMP advisor will acclimate you to campus life and encourage you to try a wide variety of courses in and out of your major (or majors) for your first two years at Beloit. You’ll identify clubs to explore, campus jobs to apply for, and ways to get involved in the community.

AMP advisors meet you where you are, balancing individualized support when needed and independence when not. Because you’re a college student now, and it’s your time to shine.

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