Advanced Mentoring Program

We get you engaged from the beginning — your AMP advisor connects with you within your first 72 hours as a Beloiter.

Once you deposit, you will be matched - based on your shared interests - with an AMP advisor — the first of many advisors and mentors you will have as part of your Beloit college experience.  AMP advisors are caring, connected mentors who will welcome you into the community, share helpful resources, and walk you through the process of registering for your classes. They’ll help you as you transition to college life and point you in the right direction for resources (such as tutoring, health and wellness, library, student clubs, career advice and more).

AMP advisors work with you on skills that will help you succeed both in and out of the classroom. Your AMP advisor connects with you as you are, helping to ease that leap from high school life to college life, and working with you on academic skills, intellectual and professional agility. They’ll help you identify and practice life talents such as effective communication, productive collaboration and creative problem-solving.   

And AMP isn’t just about your advisor. As a first-year student, you will be enrolled in an AMP class that delivers your first taste of the engaged, hands-on, eclectic, think-on-your-feet learning that defines a Beloit education. Your class focuses on advising and mentoring activities and becoming acquainted with your fellow students.

Each class is designed to “amp up” your adjustment to the college experience and ignite your engagement in a liberal arts education. Plus, you will make new connections to the many opportunities and activities available on- and off-campus, and begin to customize your own personal and professional growth opportunities.

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