Advanced Mentoring Program

At Beloit, we’re all about building an education that works for you.

Amped Up

Professors work closely with students designing and creating innovative costumes for the various ... Beloit’s Advanced Mentoring Program (or AMP) provides you with a faculty advisor before you even get to campus. 

They’ll help you register for classes, engage with the campus and the community, and start discovering your academic and career pathway.

The Nuts and Bolts

Once you commit to Beloit, we’ll connect you right away (within just a few days!) with a faculty ambassador who can answer any questions you have until you are placed in the class (typically in May) that you want to take as your “AMP Intro” in your first semester. These are courses in a wide range of subjects that are designed especially for first-year students as a sort of “home base” to help you to get connected and support your success.

The instructor also serves as your AMP advisor, meeting with you and your classmates throughout the semester to explore the campus and enhance your sense of belonging, learn about supportive resources and encourage your well-being, and begin finding your pathway at Beloit and beyond.

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