Advanced Mentoring Program

Choose Beloit. Connect. Learn.

AMP “amps up” your adjustment to the college experience and ignites your engagement in a liberal arts education, shaping your time at Beloit and paving a path for your future.

Once you deposit, you’ll connect right away (technically, within 72 hours) with a faculty member from the Advanced Mentoring Program. Through AMP, we match your interests with our curriculum, supporting your aspirations and abilities with specialized advising throughout your first two years at Beloit. Faculty mentors and fellow students will answer your questions and open doors to opportunities, resources, and experiences both on and off campus.

As you prepare for your first semester, your AMP advisor will meet you where you are, help ease your leap from high school to college life, and work with you on the skills that will help you succeed both in and out of the classroom. Together, you’ll choose your first classes and identify goals, opportunities, and areas for growth in your first semester.

AMP advisors are the first of many caring and connected Beloit mentors who enjoy helping new students like you acclimate to campus and explore academic paths.

And AMP isn’t just about advising. In your first semester, you’ll enroll in an AMP Intro course taught by your advisor that delivers your first taste of the engaged, hands-on, eclectic, think-on-your-feet learning that defines a Beloit education. You’ll dive deeply into a subject of interest, connect with classmates, and build foundational academic skills.

AMP is only the beginning.

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