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Classroom Policies

In these extraordinary times, things may be a bit different, but teaching and learning will still be excellent.

  • In the classroom, cohort size will be limited by physical distancing requirements. Smaller classes already have limited student numbers; larger classes may maintain social distancing by rotating subsets of course students through the classroom in reduced density.
  • All classes will follow campus rules for face coverings.
  • No students will attend class who show symptoms or have been in contact with those who do. Flexible class attendance policies will accommodate students missing class time due to illness, self-quarantine, and/or isolation.
  • Cleaning products will be supplied by the college and will be available in all classrooms. In addition to regular cleaning, students and faculty will be responsible for using wipes to disinfect desktops, tabletops, armrests, doorknobs, and other surfaces they use at the end of classes.
  • Guidelines for individual classes will be communicated by faculty and included in course syllabi.
  • Course room and meeting-time assignments may change, given the reduced capacity in each room caused by the need for physical distancing, as well as efforts to increase the time interval between classes as a way to reduce congestion during passing time, make time available for cleaning, and promote air exchange.
  • Teaching and learning will shift to remote modes should changing conditions necessitate that action.

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