Strategic Plan

Acting quickly and working together to position Beloit as a student-centered college that prepares our graduates for meaningful careers and futures

Five distinctions of a Beloit education

  1. All students are career-ready
  2. Learning outcomes are integrated in all we do
    • Be an effective communicator
    • Be a creative problem solver
    • Be a productive collaborator
    • Be intellectually and professionally agile
  3. Every student can expect “whole student” advising and mentoring
  4. Every student has access to a Career Channel
  5. The Powerhouse is a key catalyst of these distinctions

Strategic plan areas of focus

Students, staff, and faculty of the college are working to see the ways the Strategic Plan can be realized across all dimensions of their lives at Beloit. Indeed, structural changes must take place in all areas of the college. Work is happening with concentrated attention and deliberate action in the following focus areas:

  1. First- and Second-Year Programs
  2. The Learning Experience
  3. Whole Student Advising
  4. Career and Community Engagement
  5. Summer connections

In Fall 2019, the work in these areas happened in Mission Critical Implementation Teams, led by faculty and staff, and with the engagement of many groups and individuals across the college. In Spring 2020, the work in these areas has migrated to more permanent structures.

  1. The Advising and Mentoring Program (AMP) Committee is taking the lead on first and second year programs and whole student advising, and working closely with Student Life, the Registrar, and Enrollment on welcoming our new students during the summer through orientation and registration.
  2. The Career and Community Engagement Office is working with partners all across the college to embed career and community connections in many areas of the college.
  3. The Career Channels steering committee is working with closely with faculty and staff leadership to develop and launch Channels.
  4. The Learning Experience task force continues work across campus to find integrated learning outcomes highlighted and realized in all we do.

In addition to these committees and offices, faculty, staff, and students from across the college have been involved in developing and implementing the strategic plan. This collaborative work resulted in major elements of the implementation being passed at Academic Senate in December 2019.

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