Integrated Learning Outcomes

A promise to students: Explicitly connecting a Beloit education to successful careers and lives.

Adopted in 2019 as part of Beloit’s Strategic Plan, the College’s Integrated Learning Outcomes are embedded into every curricular and co-curricular activity. The outcomes below are ordered intentionally, with the first three in service of the fourth. Taken together, they fulfill the promise we make to our students: Preparing them to succeed in the world.

Be an Effective Communicator

Effective communication requires that you understand who you are communicating with or who your audience is and that you practice good listening skills. An effective communicator is confident and presents their ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Be a Productive Collaborator

Productive Collaboration is a set of behaviors that helps a group work together harmoniously and that is under the control of individual team members. These behaviors include the effort they put into team tasks, their manner of interacting with others on the team, and the quantity and quality of contributions they make to team discussions.

Be a Creative Problem-Solver

Problem-solving is the process of designing, evaluating, and implementing a strategy to answer an open-ended question or achieve a desired goal.

Be Professionally and Intellectually Agile

You will be able to draw on a broad set of concepts and habits of mind to adapt to changing contexts, navigate complex situations, learn from accomplishments and mistakes, and forge your own path.

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