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Committee Assignments

Three major committees lead campus governance work. Click here for a list of all committees and their members.

Academic Strategic Planning Committee

The Academic Strategic Planning Committee (ASP) focuses on comprehensive planning for the strategic needs of the academic program of the college.

Elected faculty members for 2020-21

  • Beth Dougherty, Professor of Political science
  • Bob Elder, Professor of Economics
  • Diep Phan, Associate Professor of Economics
  • Laura Parmentier, Professor of Chemistry
  • Matt Tedesco, Professor of Philosophy (chair)

Faculty Status and Performance Committee

The Faculty Status and Performance Committee helps the administration, faculty, and Senate in the formulation and implementation of policies that will maintain and strengthen the professional status and teaching effectiveness of the faculty. The provost consults with the committee every fall and spring semester regarding the planning of the college budget for the fiscal year, particularly on the priority to be given to faculty salaries and other compensation. 

Elected faculty members for 2020-21

  • Scott Espeseth, Professor of Art and Art History
  • Natalie Gummer, Professor of Religious Studies
  • Kate Linnenberg, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Heath Massey, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Britt Scharringhausen, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy (chair)

Curriculum Oversight and Administration Committee

The Curriculum Oversight and Administration Committee shall oversee existing academic programs, and advise the provost on matters pertaining to academic administration.

Elected faculty members for 2020-21

  • Laura Grube, Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Kristin Labby, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Lisl Walsh, Associate Professor of Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (chair)
  • Yvonne Wu, Assistant Professor of Music

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