McNair Publications

Eddie Fergus ('96) was the first Beloit McNair Scholar to receive a PhD. Since him, there have been many Beloit McNairs pursuing their PhDs and getting published. Below are links to McNair alumni who have been published. If you would like to add something to this page, email


Eddie Fergus, 1996 Cohort


Nikki Cheng, 1997 Cohort


Celeste Chung, 2001 Cohort


Amie Emens, 2002 Cohort


Nicole Truesdell, 2002 Cohort


David Fallest, 2003 Cohort


Zoila Ganuza


Mike Woldemariam, 2004 Cohort 1


Sheldon Turner, 2006 Cohort


Daniel Corral, 2013 Cohort