Fabiola Candela Hernandez

Fabiola Candela Hernandez 





Name: Fabiola Candela Hernandez

Hometown: San Juan Capistrano, CA - home of the swallows!

Research Interests: women's health, traditional-modern dualisms, ethnobotanical knowledge,  biomedicine, East Asian studies

Major: Anthropology

Academic Dreams: To obtain a PhD. My concentration will be on research that uses cultural knowledge to reevaluate medical systems, so that in the near future, these findings can be used to better the healths, increase the accessibility of resources, and educate community members. 

Summer 2015: Why Couldn't You Keep Your Legs Closed-- A Preliminary Analysis of Two Narratives Examining How Rural Indigenous Women in Maras Experience Pregnancy and Childbirth; Program: Independent Research; Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Kylie Quave and Dr. Nancy Krusko 

Summer 2014: Female Menstruation: Contemporary Narratives; Program: Beloit College McNair Research; Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko