AnthonyHometown: New York, New York

Research Interests: I like to explore what constitutes the human condition through fictional literature. Areas of research in literature include magic realism, philosophy, sexuality, beauty and ugliness; literature from the Romantic period and twentieth century; and attitudes toward modernity, memory, and time. Favorite writers include D.H. Lawrence, Edmund White, Orhan Pamuk, John Steinbeck, Paulo Coelho, Elif Shafak, James Baldwin, Jeanette Winterson, and Anne Carson.

Major: Comparative Literature: French, Portuguese, and Spanish literature.

Dream: To obtain a Ph.D in Comparative Literature. I might like to become a professor. My dream is to be a culture writer, writing about literature, arts, fashion, music, and film and work my way up to becoming the editor-and-chief of a major magazine. While I have these aspirations, my ultimate goal is to become a novelist. Through my research and work, I hope to help bring humanity towards a better understanding of itself and to continue to support individuality, creativity, freedom of expression, and the importance of literature in our evolving world.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Diane Lichtenstein