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McNair Scholars 2011


Kidan Araya

Attending: University of Washington-Seattle, Ph.D.Geography

Summer 2011: The Emergence of Grassroots Environmental Justice Activism (Mentor: Dr. Pablo Toral)

Summer 2012: Forest Management by Indigenous Peoples in Cameroon (Mentor: Dr. Rachel Ellett, Beloit College)


Ricky Cotter

Summer 2011:  Stress Analysis by Holography (Mentor: Dr. Pat Polley)

Summer 2012: Upward Bound Math/Science Grant Competition (Mentor: Stephanie King, Beloit College)

Graduate Institution(s): Claremont MS in Information Systems and Technology


Elise Giammanco

Summer 2011: The Effects of Trauma in Russian Prison Camps: An Examination of Kolyma Tales and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (Mentor: Dr. Donna Oliver)

Summer 2012: Morality and Gender Differences (Mentor: Rebecca Frazier, University of Virginia)


Diana Meza-Gutierrez

Attending: University of Southern Florida, Masters of Public Health

Summer 2011:  Factors Affecting the Health of Afro-Ecuadorian Women from the Province of Esmeraldas (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Summer 2012: Exploring the Public Health System of the Ecuadorian Province of Pastaza (Mentor: Dr. Klever Gavilanez, Ministry of Public Health of the Province of Pastaza, Ecuador)


Vanessa Orellana

Summer 2011: Latina Participation in Gang Lifestyles (Mentor: Dra. Aurora Chang)

Summer 2012: First Generation Children's Cultural and Linguistic Shifts (Mentor: Dr. Carol Wickersham, Beloit College)


Anna Osornio

Summer 2011: NAFTA, Illegal Immigration, and the Economy (Mentor: Dr. Beatrice McKenzie)

Summer 2012: Exploration into Childhood Trauma and Treatment (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox, Beloit College)


Anthony Otey Hernandez

Attending: Dartmouth University in the fall of 2014

Fulbright Scholar: Portugal

Summer 2011: Beauty and Ugliness in Literature (Mentor: Dr. Diane Lichtenstein)

Summer 2012: Urban Architecture and Psychophysical Being (Mentor: Dr. Claire DeObaldia, New York University in Paris)


Derek Pugh

Summer 2011: Social Determinants of Health that Contribute to African American Infant Mortality in the Beloit Community (Mentors: Dr. Marion Fass & Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Summer 2012: The Young Invincibles/Center for Community Change Washington DC (Mentor: Rory O'Sullivan, Young Invincibles/Center for Community Change)

Graduate Institution(s): Public Policy Fellow at Campaign for America's Future


Jazmyn Russell

Attending: University of Wisconsin - Madison, Curriculum & Instruction Ph.D

Summer 2011: Visualization of Chronological Changes (Mentor: Dr. Darrah Chavey)

Summer 2012: Effectiveness of Game-Based, Non-Monetary Incentive Models on User Motivation in Participatory Sensing Campaigns (Mentor: Dr. Jamie Payton, UNC Charlotte)


Ulysses Smith

Attending: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, MBA-Finance

Summer 2011:  How Do Natural Disasters Adversely Affect Small Businesses? (Mentor: Dr. George Williams)

Summer 2012: Broad Based and Targeted Sponsorship Strategies in U.S. Men's Professional Hockey (Mentor: Dr. Joshua Hall, Beloit College)


Raymond Thomas

Attending: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Masters of Professional Accountancy

Summer 2011: Disparities in Capital between African-American and White Business Owners (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Summer 2012: The Measurement of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Characteristics and Racial and Ethnic Residential Segregation in Metropolitan Houston: Implications for the Study of Social Disparities in Health (Mentor: Dr. Joe T. Darden, Michigan State University)