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McNair Scholars 2010

2010 cohort 

Dominique Clayton

Attending: University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Ph.D. Educational Policy Studies

Summer 2010: The Real World Doesn't Speak Ebonics: Teacher's Perceptions of African American Vernacular English (Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Esperanza and Dr. Kathy Greene)

Summer 2011: What does power have to do with it?: A genealogical exploration on the conceptions of Standard English and its affects on the legitimacy of African American Vernacular English (Mentor: Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, University of Wisconsin - Madison)


Amani Edwards

Attending: SUNY-Albany, Ph.D. Public Administration and Policy

Summer 2010: Language Policy and its Effects on Nation Building: Chechnya and Xinjiang as Case Studies (Mentor: Dr. Rachel Ellett and Dr. Donna Oliver)

Summer 2011: Christianity and Social Services in Taiwan: A Look at the Garden of Hope Foundation (Mentor: Ping-Ya Hsu, Garden of Hope Foundation, and Dr. Daniel Youd, Beloit College)


Zoila Guachichulca

Graduate Institution: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, MA in International Affairs (2014)

Summer 2010: The Driving Forces Behind Latinos Who Complete Their PhD (Mentor: Dr. Sylvia Lopez)

Summer 2011: Project M.A.L.E.S. Mentoring to Achieve Latino Educational Success (Mentor: Dr. Victor Saenz, University of Texas - Austin)


Kenneth Hodges

Attending: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, MA Urban Studies (enrolled)

Summer 2010: The Consumption of Black Egypt (Mentor: Dr. Shannon Fie)

Summer 2011: New Orleans: A Culture of Poverty or A Culture of Resistance (Mentor: Dr. Richard Turner, University of Iowa)


Edward Lee

Attending: George Washington University, MA Latin American and Hemispheric Studies

Summer 2010: Ethnic Compliance and Racial Confrontation: Japanese-American Developments of Identity (Mentor: Dr. Beatrice McKenzie)

Summer 2011: Ties that Bind: U.S. Citizenship and Puerto Rico (Mentor: Dr. Loretta Phelps de Cordova, University of Virginia)


Nicole McMillan

Summer 2010: Predictors of Educational Attainment Beyond High School for Teenage Mothers (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox and Prof. Carol Wickersham)


Lucia Peralta

Graduate Institution(s): University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Master's Nursing (2014)

Summer 2010: Understanding the Doctor-Patient and Relationship in Relation to Factors like Cultural Competency, Language Barriers and Time (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Summer 2011: Health Status and Risk Factors of Women Participating in the Moms2B Program in Weinland Park (Mentor: Dr. Thelma Patrick, Ohio State University)


Nico Salas

Graduate Institution(s): Johns Hopkins University, Master of Science in Public Health (2014)

Summer 2010: Exploring Death in America's Health care System: Opting for Hospice Care Over Conventional Treatments (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Summer 2011: Minnesota Homelessness As a Public Health Issue (Mentor: Liz Kuoppala, Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless)