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McNair Scholars 2009

2009 Cohort 

Katie Alford

Attending: Indiana University, P.h.D English

Summer 2009: Soft-Boiled Horace: Sanctuary and "The Simple Art of Murder" (Mentor: Dr. Tom McBride)

Summer 2010: Failing Better: A Reclamation of Failure in Composition (Mentor: Allison Carr, University of Cincinnati)


Brad Cavanagh

Graduate Institution(s): University of Wisconsin - Madison, Master of Public Health (2013)

Summer 2009: Expression of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor in Mice and Novel Diabetes Therapies (Mentor: Dr. Katie Johnson )

Summer 2010: Functionality of Interferon-alpha as an Adjutant to CL4 Cells in the Eradication of Solid State Malignant Mesothelioma Tumors (Mentor: Dr. Amanda Marzo, Rush University)


Jessica Chapman, Class of 2010

Summer 2009: TAKE THIS QUIZ: What Are Women Thinking About Men? Or, An Ethnographic Content analysis of Cosmopolitan's Quiz Section (Mentor: Dr. Amy Sarno)


Allison Cook

Summer 2009: The Relationship between Acculuration, Enculturation, Alcohol Use, and Psychological Well-Being in Latino Youth (Mentor: Dr. Lawrence White)

Summer 2010: Psychometric Properties of the Screen for Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms (SPTSS) (Mentor: Dr. Steve Smith, University of California - Santa Barbara)


Janelle Cox

Summer 2009: The Shakespearean Versus the Historical Treatment of King Richard III (Mentor: Dr. Tom McBride)

Summer 2010: Measuring the Effects of Early Literacy Programs in Public Libraries (Mentor: Dr. Allison Kaplan, Hedburg Public Library)


Rhiannon Dixon

Summer 2009: The Social Construction of Childbirth (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox)

Summer 2010: HIV/AIDS in Uganda (Mentor: Dr. Rachel Snow, University of Michigan School of Public Health)


Jessica Hellmer

Attending: University of Minnesota

Summer 2009: The Color Line at Birth: Re-framing thinking on the incidence of infant mortality and preterm birth disparities between African-Americans and other groups in Rock County Wisconsin (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)


Gina Jacobson

Summer 2009: She Get It From Her Mama: Young African-American Women's Sexual Relationships and the Effects of Maternal Attitude on their Sexual Decisions (Mentor:Dr. Lisa Anderson-Levy)

Summer 2010: Black Representations: A Textbook Analysis of Women of Color Using Endarkened Feminist Epistemology as A Conceptual Framework (Mentor: Dra. Aurora Chang-Ross, Beloit College)


Min Kim

Graduate Institution(s): Ohio University, Masters of Financial Economics (2013)

Summer 2009: Capitalizing the Effect of Additional Stock of Social Capital by Looking at the Winners and Finalists of the All America City Award (Mentor: Dr. Jeff Adams)

Summer 2010: Multiple Research Projects

Project 1: Does State Spending on Mental Health Lower Suicide Rate?

Project 2: Municipal Credit Ratings and Eminent Domain Restrictions

Project 3: Do Surveys of Experts Provide Unbiased Judgments? Evidence from College Football Rankings (Mentor: Dr. Justin Ross)


Lillian Lara

Attending: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Masters of Cultural Foundations of Education

Summer 2009: Todo en la familia: Looking at the roles family plays in the college process (Mentor: Dr. Sylvia Lopez)

Summer 2010: A Changing Demographic: Overarching Factors in the Education/Schooling of Rural Latino/a High School Students (Mentor: Dr. Rene Antrop-Gonzalez, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee)


Julia Mulligan

Attending: University of Missouri, Sociology Ph.D.

Summer 2009: Once Nation Under a Groove?: The effects of Country and Rap musical lyrics on their fans' respective lifestyles: A Marxist Approach (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Summer 2010: History of health communication campaigns and institutional development of best practices; HIV/AIDS campaigns in Accra, Ghana (Mentor: Dr. Terence McDonnell , Vanderbilt University)


Matthew Nattinger

Attending: University of Iowa, Ph.D. Health Services and Policy 

Graduate Institution(s):  University of Iowa, M.S. Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Socioeconomics (2013)

Summer 2009: Private School Competition, Public School Expenditures and Public School Performance: Evidence from Wisconsin School Districts (Mentor: Dr. Warren Palmer)


Sarah Powers

Graduate Institution(s): Marquette University, MA International Affairs (2013)

Summer 2009: A Critical Evaluation of the Pak Man Dam (Mentor: Dr. Pablo Toral)

Summer 2010: Human Trafficking in the People's Republic of China (Mentor: Dr. John Rapp, Beloit College)


Jomar Salazar

Summer 2009: Assessing the quality of body image in males and its contributing factors in active health (Mentor: Greg Buchanan)


Kevin Symanietz

Summer 2008: Overcoming Apathy: Voter Mobilization in the Obama Campaign (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)

Summer 2010: Labor and Immigration (Mentor: Dr. Stephen Philion, St. Cloud University)


Ricky Thorson

Summer 2009: Idle Hands: Youth Employment and Crime Rates (Mentor: Dr. Josh Hall)

Summer 2010: College Tuition Reduction Benefits and Local Crime Rates (Mentor: Dr. Scott Beaulier, Mercer University)