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McNair Scholars 2006

Brienne Adams

Graduate Institution(s): University of California - Los Angeles, MA - Afro-American Studies (2012)

Summer 2006: The Weight of the World on My Shoulders: Repetitious African American Narrative (Mentor: Dr. Diane Lichtenstein)

Summer 2007: Loyality and Passing: The Correlation of Community Identity and Tragedy in Nella Larsen's Passing and Frances E. W. Harper's Iola Leroy or Shadows Uplifted (Mentor: Dr. Ralph Bunche, University of California, Los Angeles)


LaToya Anderson

Graduate Institution(s): UW-Whitewater, M.S. Counseling (2008)

Summer 2006: Fatherlessness and Teen Sexual Activity (Mentor: Dr. Kate Linnenberg)

Summer 2006: Investigating Marital and Family Therapy (Mentor: Dr. Kate Linnenberg)


Alfonso Colasuonno

Summer 2006: Accentuating the Negatives: A Preliminary Analysis of Working-Class Males Attitudes Towards Higher Education in Anglo Societies (Mentor: Dr. Sonja Darlington )

Graduate Institution(s): City University of New York - Queens College, Master of Library & Information Science (M.L.I.S.)


Robert Cornell

Summer 2006: New World, Old Rules (Mentor: Dr. William New )


Anthony Domanico

Graduate Institution(s): Hamline University, MBA - Business Administration (2010)

Summer 2006: The Effects of Education and Sex on Indivdualism-Collectivism and Adolescent Attachment (Mentor: Dr. Natalie Gummer )

Summer 2007: Overcoming Miranda: A Content Analysis of the Miranda Portion of Police Interrogations (Mentor: Dr. Lawrence White )


Rose Menyon Heflin

Graduate Institution(s): University of Wisconsin - Madison, Agroecology, M.S.

Summer 2006: Effects of the Biological Control Agent Brachypterolus Pulicarius (Coleoptera: Kateretidae on Non-Target Species (Mentor: Dr. Brett Woods & Dr. Rebecca Irwin, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory)

Summer 2007: Ecotypic Variation or Phenotypic Plasticity? Examining Allocation and Architecture of Lupinus perennis (Fabales: Fabaceae) Along Two Resource Gradients (Mentor: Sarah Wright & Dr. Donald Waller, University of Wisconsin - Madison)


Dawn Kaczmar

Attending: University of Michigan, P.h.D English (expected 2019)

Graduate Institution(s): Oakland University, MA English

Summer 2006: An Alternative Discourse: Nietzsche, Irigray, and Kofman on Truth and Discourse (Mentor: Dr. Heath Massey)

Graduate Institution(s): Oakland University, English, M.A.; University of Michigan, Ph.D.,English


Janna Knight

Graduate Institution(s): Tulane University, MPH - Global Maternal and Child Health (2010)

Summer 2006: Effects of Acculturation on Eating and Exercise Habits in the Latino Community (Mentor: Dr. Sylvia Lopez)

Summer 2007: Barriers to Adequate Prenatal Care for African American and Hispanic/Latina Women in the United State: A Review of the Literature (Mentor: Dr. Mary K Madsen, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)


Victoria Marszalik

Graduate Institution(s): University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, M., Slavic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General (2012)

Summer 2006: Quo Vadis and Henryk Sienkiewicz: Polish Messianism as a Literary Method Within a Historical Novel (Mentor: Dr. Donna Oliver)

Summer 2007: University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee (SROP)


Katelyn J. Nilson

Summer 2006: Under Pressure: Celebrity Gossip Magazines and Young Women's Body Perceptions (Mentor: Dr. George Williams Jr. )

Summer 2007: The Importance of Community Networking in a Non-Profit Organization


Greg Rankin

Graduate Institution(s): University of Wisconsin - Madison, MS  Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (2010)

Summer 2006: The Moral Standing of Physician Assisted Suicide (Mentor: Dr. Matt Tedesco)

Summer 2007: Graduation Rates of African American Students at Small Liberal Arts Colleges (Mentor: Dr. Kristen Renn, Michigan State University)


Sheldon Turner

Graduate Institution(s): Michigan State University, Ph.D. Geological Sciences

Summer 2006: Pre-Cambrian plutonism and metamorphism, early Paleozoic sedimentary deposition, and Late Mesozoic fold and fault tectonism of the Seminoe Mountain region in south central Wyoming (Mentor: Dr. James Rougvie)


Tasha Williams

Graduate Institution(s): George Washington University, JD - Law (2013)

Summer 2006: Minorities and Advertising (Mentor: Dr. Amy Sarno )