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McNair Scholars 2004 Cohort 2

This cohort of McNair Scholars was the first at Beloit College to complete two summers of research. Until this cohort, Scholars were selected during their Junior year to conducted research the following summer only.


Erin Bonuso

Graduate Institution(s): University of Wisconsin-Madison, MA History (2011)

Summer 2004: Lady Killers: Women and Infanticide in Puritan New England, A Study of Community Control, 1690-1740 (Mentor: Dr. Linda Sturtz )


Manuel Fergus

Summer 2004: School Physical Conditions Impact on Student Achievement (Mentor: Dr. William New)

Summer 2005: A Descriptive Study: Solutions Implemented to Cope with Enrollment Growth in the Commonwealth of Virgina (Mentor: Dr. Travis Twiford, Old Dominion University)


Andrea Johnson

Graduate Institution(s): University of Connecticut, MA Art History (2009); University of Missouri-Columbia, MA Information and Learning Technology (2012)

Summer 2004: Post Classical Roman influence on Byzantine Art and Culture (Mentor: Dr. Kosta Hadavas)

Summer 2005: Early 19th Century Russian Icon (Mentor: Dr. Charles Barber, University of Notre Dame)


Jason Marmon

Attending: UNC-Charlotte, Ph.D. Nanoscale Science

Summer 2004: Synthesis and Fabrication of Tris (2,2'-bipyridine)ruthenium(II) Tetrafluoroborate in a Polyvinyl Alcohol Thin Film Matrix as an Organic Light-emitting Diodes (Mentor: Dr. George Lisensky)

Summer 2005: Proton Translocation Across a Metal-Oxide Surface: Reversible Tranformations Between [n-Bu4N]5[alpha-(H3)W12O40] and [n-BuN]6[alpha-(H2)W12O40] (Mentor: Dr. Dean Duncan, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)


Roserain Mayberry

Summer 2004: African Drumming in Cuba and Jamaica (Mentor: Dr. Kim Mills, School for International Training)


Devon McKernan

Summer 2004: The French-Jazz Relationship: A Music Historiography (Mentor: Dr. Max Yount)

Summer 2005: Cultural Identity: French-ness and the Modernizing Force of Inter-war Jazz (Mentor: Dr. Max Yount)


Elijah Sheehan

Graduate Institution(s): University of Wisconsin - Madison, Master of Public Affairs (2008)

Summer 2004: The Many-Sided Gem: Understanding the Facets of the Gender Imbalance Phenomena (Mentor: Dr. William New)

Summer 2005: Taking Stock Once Again: The Impact of Gender on Higher Education Faculty and Faculty/Administrators (Mentor: Dr. Marilyn Amey)


Ravi Starr

Graduate Institution(s): Northwestern University, MA Counseling Psychology (2009)

Summer 2004: The Real and Ideal George W. Bush (Mentor: Dr. Pablo Toral)

Summer 2005: Cultural Competence and Child Abuse Prevention: A Report on a National Survey (Mentor: Dr. Robert Caldwell)


Jennifer Swilley

Summer 2004: The Importance of the Hispanic American Vote in 2004 Swing States (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)

Summer 2005: Black versus Brown: The Race for the Green Job Competition between Blacks and Hispanics in Chicago Preliminary Research Overview (Mentor: Dr. Kirk Harris, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)


Emily Williams

Graduate Institution(s): DePaul University, MA  Women's and Gender Studies (2012)

Summer 2004: Interracial Marriage: What role Does Racism Play in the Development of Black Male/White Female Marriages? (Mentor: Dr. Debra Majeed)

Summer 2005: Social-Psychological Study on the Effect of Professional Athlete Icons on the Life Goals of Minority Teenage Boys (Mentor: Dr. Richard Lapchik)