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McNair Scholars 2003

Rebecca Burnett

Graduate Institution(s): University of Washington - Seattle, MA Geography (2007); Ph.D. Geography (2013)

Summer 2003: Health Care Issues Among Native American Women in the Northern United States (Mentor: Dr. Catherine Orr)


Joseph Collins

Summer 2003: Cultural Anthropology and Water Quality Planning: Adding Culture to Traditional Planning Models (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)


David Fallest

Graduate Institution(s): North Carolina State University, M.S. Physics (2012)

Summer 2003: Pattern Formation of Sand Ripples Due to Underwater Two-dimensional Oscillatory Motion (Mentor: Dr. Paul Stanley)


Wellinthon Garcia

Graduate Institution(s): City University of New York - Brooklyn College, MS.Ed  Child Education (2008), MS.Ed Educational Leadership (2012)

Summer 2003: Latino Politics from the Vantage Point of an "Other": The Case of Dominican-Americans (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)


Stacy Johnson

Summer 2003: Questioning the Cult: Changing Trends in Myths of Femininity as Featured in Women's Magazines (1980-90; 99-00) (Mentor: Dr. Amy Sarno)


Jaclyn Kolodziej

Summer 2003: Competing Scientologies: Internet Debates and the Ethics of Scholarship (Mentor: Dr. Natalie Gummer)


Lyna Munoz-Morris

Graduate Institution(s): University of Wisconsin - Madison, MS - Counseling

Summer 2003: Issues of Ethnicity in Dance/Movement Therapy: Therapists' Perceptions (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox)


Celeste Ramos

Summer 2003: Your Other Half: Twins and Doubles in Film as Mirrors to the Self (Mentor: Dr. William New)


DeJuan Shorter

Graduate Institution(s): University of Wisconsin-Madison, MA  Journalism and Mass Communication (2005)

Summer 2003: A Cloudy Lens: The Unbalanced Reporting of Crime in the Media (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)


Kristina Wang

Summer 2003: The Upheaval: The New Japanese Election System and its Effect on the Party System (Mentor: Dr. John Rapp)