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McNair Scholars 2002

Oretencia Arellano

Graduate Institution(s): School of Oriental and African Studies in London, Master's in International Development

Summer 2002: They're Watching: Super-Maximum Security Confinement in the United States (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)


Suzi Chang

Graduate Institution(s): University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Masters of Health Administration

Summer 2002: Would You Like Fries Sprinkled with Seaweed Seasoning with that? Marketing Western Fast Food Restaurant in China: A Case Study on McDonald's (Mentor: Dr. Warren Palmer)


Karen Cornell

Summer 2002: AIDS in Haiti (Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Greene)


Amie Emens

Graduate Institution(s): University of Michigan, Ph.D. Sociology

Summer 2002: Exploring Trust and Social Capital (Mentor: Dr. Ann Davies)


Lydia Heath

Summer 2002: Reading 19th Century African-American Women's Narratives (Mentor: Dr. Diane Lichtenstein)


Tori Key

Graduate Institution(s): University of Wisconsin-Madison, Masters in Public Affairs (2005)

Summer 2002: Intersections: An Exploration of Domestic Violence and Social Welfare (Mentor: Dr. Catherine Orr)


Phuong Nguyen

Graduate Institution(s): John Jay College of Criminal Justice, MA in Forensic Psychology

Summer 2002: Criminal Profiling: Studies of Reliability and Validity (Mentor: Dr. Lawrence White)


Nikki Peters

Summer 2002: Neurogenesis and Cell Migration in Fetal and Adult Mammalian Brains


Sandy Roberts

Summer 2002: Small Mysteries: Selection Criteria of Uneven Ancient Egyptian Division (Mentor: Dr. Darrah Chavey)


Nicole Truesdell

Graduate Institution(s): Louisiana State University Agricultural and Mechanical College, MA in Biological Anthropology; Michigan State University, PhD in Socio-Cultural Anthropology (2011)

Summer 2002: Homicide Investigation: Role of the Forensic Anthropologist (Mentor: Dr. Nancy Krusko)

Meet the New McNair Director Nicole Truesdell ('03)


Christina Villarreal

Summer 2002: Criminal Profiling: Studies of Reliability and Validity (Mentor: Dr. Lawrence White)