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McNair Scholars 1997

Flordeliza Abad

Graduate Institution(s):  Emory University, MBA (2007)

Summer 1997: China and the World Trade Organization in the Reform Era (Mentor: Dr. Warren Palmer)


Stephanie Carey

Graduate Institution(s):  Roosevelt University, MA Clinical Professional Psychology

Summer 1997: The Effects of Breast-Feeding on Maternal Behavior and Child Attachment (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Cox)


Shelia Casaletto

Summer 1997: The Evolution and Redefinition of Child Care Policy in the United States (Mentor: Dr. Goergia Duerst-Lahti)


Marlene Casellanos

Graduate Institution(s): Governors State University, MA Communication and Training (2002)

Summer 1997: The Immigration of Mexicans to the United States (Mentor: Dr. Marlynn May


Nikki Cheng

Graduate Institution(s): Vanderbilt University, Ph.D. Cancer Biology (2002)

Summer 1997: (Mentor: Dr. Marc Roy)


Mike Colbert

Summer 1997: How African American Males in Beloit Perceive Their Representation and Their Future (Mentor: Dr. Sonja Darlington)


Melina Dominguez

Summer 1997: The Effects of Parenting Styles on College Students' Self-Actualization (Mentor: Dr. John Carton)


Chad Edwards

Summer 1997: 


Sarah McCalister

Graduate Institution(s): Case Reserve Western University, MFA Contemporary Dance (2005)

Summer 1997: Mothers in Prison: An Idiographic Study (Mentor: Dr. Larry White)

 Linh Tu

Graduate Institution(s): Southern California College of Optometry, MD (2002)

Summer 1997: Matching Asynchrony in Red-Winged Blackbirds (Mentor: Dr. Ken Yazakawa)


Chad Williams

Graduate Institution(s): DePaul University, MA Applied Professional Studies (2008)

Summer 1997: