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Inclusive Success Initiative

OADI enacts its equity asset-based framework by providing students traditionally underserved within higher education with additional supports to ensure their successful navigation through college and beyond. The inclusive success initiative coordinates student access to campus-wide resources and provides tailored programming in the form of peer support groups, a staff mentoring program, a peer mentoring program, and an individualized college success coaching program.


  • Peer Support Groups: these create a space for students connect with others from similar social identities and/or backgrounds and to offer mutual support and strategies on using their assets for thriving at Beloit. Current groups include: Black Women, Sexuality and Gender, Asian-American, LatinX, International Women of Color, and Black Male.
  • Mentoring Forward: a program matching first-year students with staff mentors whereby students build their social networks and learn to make use of campus resources. Mentoring Forward enriches the student experience and promotes strong working relationships between students and staff.
  • Equity Peer Mentors: a program matching first-year students with upper class students from similar backgrounds to provide peer guidance for more rapid academic and social integration during the first year.
  • College Success Coaching: an individualized coaching program for students to help them identify and build upon their assets as they set an academic trajectory for thriving at Beloit and beyond.
  • Chromebook Program: in partnership with Information Technology, OADI provides eligible students from low-income backgrounds with a Chromebook laptop.
  • Safe Zone LGBTQ Training: featuring a 2-hour training program for faculty, staff, and students in leadership positions. Workshops provide an opportunity for participants to learn more about LGBTQ issues and to better support LGBTQ members of our campus community.

For more information, contact:

Paul Dionne, Inclusive Success Coordinator

(608) 363-2124