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#GetWoke: Organizing and Activism During 45 - Fall/Spring '17-'18

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Since the election of the 45th President, the United States has seen a rise in the number of protests and organized forms of resistance to the current administration. Yet, protesting and organizing are not new. In the United States organizing and activism have been central to the expansion and demand of rights for marginalized populations - from the abolitionist movement in the 1800s to various women’s rights movement to the Civil Rights Movement and the Red and Black Power Movements of the 1960s-70s to Black Lives Matter and #NoDAPL in the present day, organizing and activism lie at the heart of what it means to sit at the margins of society. With the rise of various protests and marches since 2012, and in particular since the 2016 Presidential election, the question of what it means to protest and organize in the current administration is pressing and one The Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness’ #GetWoke series will focus on for the ‘17-’18 school year.