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Courses Offered

Course information found here includes all permanent offerings and is updated regularly whenever Academic Senate approves changes. For historical information, see the Course Catalogs. For actual course availability in any given term, use Course Search in the Portal.

  • OADI 101. Mentoring Forward Program: Developing an Academic Trajectory for Success (.25). This course focuses on the academic and social development of first-year students who want to create a successful academic trajectory for themselves. Through close one-on-one mentoring with a staff member, combined with class and individual meetings with the instructor, students will learn strategies to enhance their educational experience at Beloit and beyond. Mentors will work with students to better understand how educational and career paths inform each other and assist in the pursuit of purposeful lives. Students will learn and reflect on methods for building a more intentional approach to their education and skill development in the context of the liberal arts in practice. Reflective work on developing an academic and career trajectory will be used to assist the way students approach their education at Beloit. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

  • OADI 150. Developing An Academic Trajectory: A First Year Course For Those Interested In The McNair Scholars Program (.25). This course focuses on the academic and social development of first-year first-generation, low-income and/or underrepresented students who are thinking of attending graduate school, need academic support in their first year, and wish to apply to the McNair Scholars Program in their second year. This course helps students learn various ways to use an advanced degree outside of academia while gaining research experience through: close mentorship by an administrative staff member, bi-monthly cohort meetings, monthly workshops, and bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with the McNair Director. The end result is preparation of a proposal for a summer research experience with their assigned mentor and development of a class blog that chronicles this experience. This course also helps students academically prepare to apply to the McNair Scholars Program. Prerequisite: A first-year student who is first-generation college and low-income and/or underrepresented in higher education (African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander, Native Alaskan) with a minimum GPA of 2.75. Verification of eligibility will be required via an application process in the fall semester.

  • OADI 155. Creating Your Personal Narrative: Learning How to See Your Social Identity as an Asset (.5). This writing intensive course focuses on the academic and social capital development of first year students in the Student Support Services (SSS) Summer Bridge program. Starting in the first week of Summer Bridge until the end of the first module this course will focus on helping student to see and understand their identities as positive assets for college success. Specifically, we will focus on how the experiences of being first-generation college, low-income, having a documented disability, and/or being from an underrepresented group in higher education is a valuable quality to have for ones collegiate development. Through readings, numerous writing assignment, class discussions, and workshops facilitated through the SSS department students will learn how to critically reflect and articulate their value and assets at Beloit College as Beloit students. The end result will be a series of papers students produce that allows for critical self-reflection on identity and belonging.

  • OADI 250. McNair Scholars Graduate School Preparation Seminar: Equity and Access in U.S. Graduate Education (.5). This course aims to provide students with the academic and social tools they need to apply and gain entrance to graduate school and also to succeed in completing their graduate studies. Over the course of the semester students refine their writing and research design skills as they complete graduate school and grant applications. The first half of the semester is devoted to crafting a tailored personal statement and developing other needed materials for a complete application (e.g. research statement, writing sample). The second half of the semester focuses on funding opportunities, and each student works on an appropriate grant that she/he will submit. By the end of the course, students will have applied to at least three graduate programs and one funding body. Throughout the semester, students are able to discuss issues, problems, and concerns they may have about graduate schools, and emphasis is placed on effective strategies and tips students can use to successfully enter into, and remain in, graduate studies. Offered each fall. Prerequisite: Current McNair Scholar with senior status.

  • OADI 251. McNair Scholars Research Preparation Seminar (.25). This course aims to provide students with the background, terminology and tools to successfully develop an original research question. Through a combination of interdisciplinary, student-centered, and interactive instructional strategies, this course provides an overview of the concept of research and scholarship. At the end of the course, students will have developed an effective research question and brief proposal for their summer research project. Prerequisite: Students must be current McNair Scholars who will be in junior standing as of the following fall semester.

  • OADI 305. SEL Post-Graduation Preparation (.5). The goal of this class is to provide tools for effective post-graduation career exploration and advancement. It is intended to help students identify and achieve post-graduation goals by getting and keeping them on track for finding meaningful opportunities within their professional and academic areas of interest. Prerequisite: SEL student and junior or senior standing.

  • OADI 390 (.25 - 1). Special Project.