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To allow easy access to the many riches contained in this digital version of the Nuremberg Chronicle, Book Contents has been organized in four different ways.

  • Index provides an A to Z listing of the many people, places, and ideas that inhabit the Chronicle. Our index is a slightly corrected version based on the one found at the beginning of the Chronicle (Beloit’s copy, unfortunately, is missing its index).
  • Folios provides a complete listing of all the pages of the Latin version of the Chronicle (the few folios missing from Beloit’s copy are noted in parentheses).
  • Ages corresponds to seven significant biblical periods of time (followed by a collection of geographical information labeled ‘Addenda’) around which the author of the Chronicle, Hartmann Schedel, organized his world history.
  • Finally, Images provides a large selection of the Chronicle’s more interesting, unusual, and beautiful illustrations, arranged thematically.
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