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Work undertaken to create the second, digital edition of the Nuremberg Chronicle with its integrated translation and commentary was made possible with interest and support from Barbara and Patrick Spain.

Photography - Kosta Hadavas and Sarah Kaplan

Text preparation - David Heesen

Editor - Kosta Hadavas

TEI enhancement - Joshua Hickman, Allie Moore, and Adam Bowen

Technical advice and platform development - Peter Gorman, Brian Sheppard, and Steven Dast

Project support and local web management - Melissa Dix and Joshua Hickman

Contributors to the 2003 project to mount the original text and site content:

Principal Photographer: Marcus Eckhardt (Registrar, Wright Museum of Art).

Photographer’s Assistant: Sydney Royal (Beloit, ’03).

Web Designer: Taleh Ziyadov (Beloit, ’03).

Technical assistance provided by John Bell (Web Administrator, ITS), Arno Damerow (Instructional Technologist, ITS), Leslie Hill (Beloit, ’06), and Denzil Showers (Academic Technology Associate).

Editorial assistance provided by Sheila Gustafson (Academic Program Coordinator, WAC) and Erin Casey (Beloit, ’06).

Thanks also to the members of PPDC (Program and Professional Development Committee), who provided me with a Keefer grant to cover the expenses of this project, and to Charlotte Slocum (College Librarian) for her permission to digitize our Library’s most interesting and valuable text and for her continuing enthusiasm and support for this project.

And special thanks to George Parker, friend and former trustee of Beloit College, for his generous gift of the Nuremberg Chronicle to Beloit College.

Kosta Hadavas
Associate Professor of Classics
Beloit College

Please email any comments, suggestions, and corrections to Kosta Hadavas.

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