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The printer Anton Koberger (1440-1513) owned one of the largest publishing houses in Europe. Though Koberger began printing books in Nuremberg around 1470, by 1500 he had already produced some 250 titles (some of them with print runs in the thousands). Koberger prided himself on both the quantity and quality of his works, so his printing presses (he had room for up to 18) and the more than 100 typesetters, printers, and assistants he employed must have stayed very busy. Although responsible for initiating many of his own publishing projects, for the Nuremberg Chronicle Koberger was merely working under contract. For a detailed view of the paper specially manufactured for the Chronicle, click on the following link: paper. To view several of the watermarks used by Koberger for the Chronicle, click on the following link: watermarks.

It is interesting to note that Michael Wohlgemut's workshop was next door to Hartmann Schedel's house, and that Sebald Schreyer and Anton Koberger lived, respectively, five and eight houses down from Schedel on the very same street.

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