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The beautifully illuminated pages of the Nuremberg Chronicle express a portion of the tale, but the intimate details of the History of the World have long been restricted to those scholars of early Latin. The only known English translation of the Chronicle was undertaken by Walter Schmauch, and his work is derived from the German edition.

With support and collaboration from the University of Wisconsin Madisonís Digital Collections Center, and extensive application of TEI mark-up Schumachís translation and commentary have been carefully linked to the Latin edition providing an approximate translation of the Latin pages. The translated text and commentary are searchable and may be read as a single continuous work.

Browse the table of contents in English to read the translated text. Browse the Latin table of contents, to view photographed pages of the original text, or search the full-text translation and commentary. Use the display/aligned option to select views of the digitized Chronicle, the translation, or both together.
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