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The Nuremberg Chronicle, despite lacking an actual title (What's in a Name?), is one of the best documented early printed books. The links to this section of the web site contain a brief overview of the men involved in its creation (Author, Patrons and Publishers, Artists, Printer) as well as very short introductions to its genre (Medieval World Histories) and its various editions (Latin and German Editions, A Pirated Copy?). A textual and visual survey of the Chronicle's design and layout features, as well as a selection of its contents, is also provided (A Guided Tour of the Nuremberg Chronicle). All copies of the Chronicle are, in a sense, unique. Beloit's colored copy, for example, has interesting evidence of its different owners' 'relationship' to their book (Beloit's Copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle). Finally, for those who wish to explore the Chronicle further, there is a brief Annotated Bibliography.

About thus Book
What's in a Name?
Medieval World Histories
Patrons and Publishers
- Artists
- Printer
- Latin and German Editions
- A Pirated Copy?
- A Guided Tour of the Nuremberg Chronicle
- Beloit's Copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle

Annotated Bibliography

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