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General Introduction

Füssel, Stephan. Chronicle of the World. Koln 2001. This text provides a complete facsimile of a richly colored 1493 German language edition of the Chronicle preceded by thirty pages of introduction and followed by a thirty-four page commentary that analyzes specific aspects of each 'Age.' The only drawbacks are that, for the sake of keeping the cost remarkably low (c. $50.00 when first published), the facsimile is approximately 30% smaller than the original and the quality of the reproduced pages, though more than acceptable, fails to capture the sharp, crisp, detailed lines of an original copy's typeface and illustrations. The introduction and commentary by Füssel, however, are superb.

Wilson, Adrian. The Making of the Nuremberg Chronicle. 2nd Edition, Amsterdam 1978. Wilson's analytical work on the design of the Chronicle, with a generous selection of the original contracts translated, is the definitive study of the stage-by-stage development of the fascinating gestation and birth of the most famous illustrated incunabulum.

In 1993, the Willibald Pirckheimer Society of Renaissance and Humanist Research held a symposium addressing many of the most important issues regarding the Chronicle. Several of the papers (all in German) at this gathering were collected and published in Pirckheimer-Jahrbuch 9 (1994).

Art in Nuremberg

Gothic and Renaissance Art in Nuremberg: 1300-1550. New York and Munich 1986. The catalogue to the exhibit of the same name held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg in 1986. The catalogue contains over three hundred of the most famous works of art produced in Nuremberg during its golden age and includes a chapter by Rainer Schoch entitled, "A Century of Nuremberg Printmaking."

Renaissance Prints

Landau, David and Peter Parshall. The Renaissance Print 1470-1550. New Haven and London 1994. Landau and Parshall's book gives a detailed account of the ways in which Renaissance printers were produced, distributed, and acquired. It has become the standard work on Renaissance prints.

Bartrum, Giulia. German Renaissance Prints 1490-1550. London 1995. Bartrum's book is a comprehensive catalogue of German Renaissance prints held by the British museum.

Albrecht Dürer

Bartrum, Giulia. Albrecht Dürer and his Legacy: The Graphic Work of a Renaissance Artist. Princeton 2002. This book offers a catalogue of the excellent collection of Dürer's woodcuts and engravings in the British Museum along with a substantial introduction on the artist.


Dackerman, Susan. Painted Prints: The Revelation of Color. Pennsylvania State University Press 2002. This book examines the roles played by color in prints from the fifteenth to the early seventeenth centuries.

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