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Aeneas, Pope and Frederick 3rd, Emperor (CCLXVIIv)
Alpaidis, Holy Woman and Seer from Cudota (CCVv)
An Ottoman Turk (CCXXVIIIr)
Atilla, King of the Huns (CXXXVII)
Augustine (CXXXVIr)
Bede (CLVIIIv)
Burdinus, Antipope under Pope Calixtus II (CXCVIIv)
Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury (CCLXIIv)
Felicitas with her Seven Sons (CXIIIIr)
Hatto, Archbishop of Mainz (CLXXXIIv)
Hilarius, Pope (CXXXVIv)
John, Apostle and Evangelist (CIXv)
Margaret (CXXVIr)
Mary Magdalene (CVIIIr)
Menna the Soldier (CXXVIIv)
Merlin (CXXXVIIIr)
Mohammed (CLIv)
Theudelinda, Queen of the Lombards (CLr)
Veronica (XCVIIr)

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