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Old Testament

God Enthroned (Iv)
God Enthroned-uncolored (Iv)
Heavenly Chorus (IIr)
Creation of Birds (IIIIv)
Creation of Adam (Vr)
The Universe (Vv)
Creation of Eve (VIv)
Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (VIIr)
The First Family (IXr)
Noah's Ark (XIr)
Noah's Drunkeness (XVv)
City of Jerusalem (XVIIr)
Sodom & Gomorrha (XXIr)
Abraham (XXIv)
Sacrifice of Isaac (XXIIv)
Joseph & Potiphar's Wife (XXVIIr)
Job (XXIXr)
Job (with non-defaced Devil) (XXIXr)
Moses & the Burning Bush (XXIXv)
Priestly Lineage of Aaron (XXIXv)
Balaam (XXXr)
The Crossing of the Red Sea (XXXv)
Moses Receiving the Ten Commandments (XXXv)
Dance around the Golden Calf (XXXIr)
Abner & Joab (XLVIIr)
Judgment of Solomon (XLVIIv)
Elijah and Elisha (Lr)
Nebuchadnezzar Conquers and Destroys Jerusalem (LXIIIr)
Destruction of Jerusalem (LXIIIv-LXIIIIr)
Judith and Holofernes (LXIXr)

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