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New Testament

Lineage of Christ - Joseph (XCIIIIv)
Anna Gives Birth to Mary (XCIIIIv)
Betrothment of Mary to Joseph (XCIIIIv)
Annunciation (XCIIIIv)
Birth of Jesus (XCVv)
Jesus Preaches in the Temple as a Young Boy (XCVv)
Baptism of Jesus (XCVv)
Beheading of John the Baptist (XCIIIIv)
Crucifixion of Jesus (XCVv)
Holy Spirit, Mary, and the Twelve Apostles (CIIr)
Peter (CIIv)
Conversion of St. Paul (CIIIv)
Stoning of St. Stephen (CIIIv)
Assumption of Mary (CIIv)
Coronation and Glory of Mary (CIIv)
Apocalypse (CCLXIIv)
The Final Judgment (CCLXVv)
Jesus Enthroned as Savior (CIv)
Jesus Enthroned as Savior-uncolored (CIv)
Jesus Enthroned as Savior—Top Half (CIv)
Jesus Enthroned as Savior—Bottom Half (CIv)
Jesus Enthroned as Savior—Margin Notes (CIv)

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