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Community Action and Beloit College collaborative art exhibit to open February 1

January 22, 2016

Months of collaboration results in art exhibit highlighting the city of Beloit’s history

On February 1, Beloit College’s Wright Museum of Art will host an opening reception for a new exhibit of photography and poetry created by Community Action students and Beloit College students. The exhibit, called, “Untold Experiences and Faded Footsteps Come to Light in Beloit” will be open on Monday, Feb. 1, with a reception beginning at 5:30 p.m. The exhibit will remain open until Feb. 15. 

“Untold Experience and Faded Footsteps Come to Light in Beloit” is the result of months of collaboration between a group of Beloit College students and more than 40 Beloit Memorial High School students working with Community Action. This most recent collaboration between the two groups began last fall with a visit from members of Young Chicago Authors. Later, both groups attended another workshop with the Young Chicago Authors in residence at the Kohler Arts Center. The resulting exhibit is a collaborative piece of public art and public history, which will feature photographs of notable places in Beloit and be accompanied by original poetry. Some of the works include both written and photographic components. Whenever an opportunity arises to further bridge the gap between campus and community we have to take advantage of it,” says Marc Perry, the director of Community Action. “Engaging youth from the Beloit community with students and faculty from Beloit College will go a long way in breaking down stereotypes held by both groups.  At the same time, exposing youth to experiences with Beloit College allows us to plant seeds as our high school youth contemplate their futures.”  Carol Wickersham, the director of Community-Based Learning and the Duffy Partnerships at Beloit College, concurs. “Marc and I have wanted to take it to the next level for several years, recognizing that his expertise in the field enhances what I teach in the classroom,” she says. “Together we can provide students educational opportunities that could not be provided by either of us alone.”  “Both sets of students have used the content and creation of this exhibit as a vehicle to explore issues of cultural literary, sustainable communities and the skills of project management,” Wickersham says. Then in March, a collaboration between the Wright Museum and Beloit's Richardson School will open. That exhibit, "Unearthing the Artist Within" will feature more than 30 pieces from 23 student artists at the Richardson School.

"Unearthing the Artist Within" opens Thursday, March 10 with a reception for the exhibition’s artists, families, and the public from 6-7:30 p.m., held as part of the art show’s opening night.

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