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Inclusive Living and Learning Task Force delivers end of the year update

December 14, 2015

The Inclusive Living and Learning Task Force has delivered an end-of-semester update on their work. The task force is formulating questions for a survey next semester, meeting with the chairs of faculty and staff search committees who ran searches this fall, and continuing work to institutionalize the wide variety of inclusivity efforts across campus.

 Below is an update on the Task Force's efforts this semester and where things are headed next semester. 

The work of the Task Force has involved:

·       Providing feedback to the latest hate/bias documents.

·       Developing questions for a survey of cell participants that will be conducted next semester.

·      Initiating work on enhancements to our search processes to reflect a higher level of contact with applicants from under-represented groups. Relatedly, we will soon schedule conversations with 24 chairs of 48 staff and faculty searches that were begun or completed during the fall semester.

·     Developing a process for selection and development of equity advisors – a group of faculty and staff -- that would be assigned to each search committee as voting members and to collaborate with search committee chairs on strategies for attracting a diverse pool of candidates and in their retention efforts.

·     Devising a plan to centralize and institutionalize the campuses varied diversity and inclusivity efforts.

·     Contributing to the President’s Advisory Group related to the incidents at Voces Latinas House.

The Inclusive Living and Learning Task Force is composed of Steve Cohen (Trustee), Paul Dionne, Gabriella Onikoro-Arkell, Debra Majeed (Chair), Beck Moffett, Jim Rougvie, Kendra Shiffman, Matthew Taylor, Matt Vadnais, Nicole Truesdell, Cecil Youngblood


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