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Now Presenting: Pocket Lint

November 2, 2018
By Josie Zabran'20

Pocket LintNo, I'm not mistakenly capitalizing the reference to scraps of fabric and dust that we've all found curled up in our pants pockets. I'm talking about the editorial staff of Beloit's own student-run literary journal, Pocket Lint.

To kick-off this semester's magazine publication, the editorial staff decided to go with the theme, "Oh Beloit." The issue intends to capture the true essence and characterization of Beloit College.

The range of acceptable submissions was vast: Students were allowed to submit literature through any kind of medium, as well as content ranging from tweets, stories, pictures, or any kind of short message that screamed "Beloit." The hope was that each and every Beloit student could submit a Beloit story or memoir, whether it was a fond or not so fond memory.

When Pocket Lint's editors aren't brainstorming ideas for new magazines, they are filing through tons of submissions, which get added to their "slush pile" each issue. To submit to Pocket Lint, all you have to do is email with a PDF or picture of your submission. Sometimes, there is even a box for submissions drop-offs located in Java Joint.

To collectively decide what makes the cut or not, the staff follows a "red, yellow, and green" procedure. Red means a definite no, yellow is a maybe (if there's nothing else), and green is an obvious "Yes! This must be in the magazine." The group then tallies up the red, yellow, and greens to see if there are enough submissions to compose a new issue of the magazine. When diving into the pile, the members look for submissions with the closest relevance to the issue's theme.

When they aren't in the midst of working on a magazine, the Pocket Lint crew stays busy participating in other fun activities. Sometimes the editors head to the Library Archives for a little Pocket Lint history lesson; other weeks, the students host poetry workshops or search for literary inspiration.

The latest issue of Pocket Lint, titled "Oh Beloit," will be released on Wednesday, Nov. 7 and circulated throughout the nooks and crannies of Beloit. Be sure to pick up a copy. The wonderful and sometimes unknown part of the magazine is that anyone, not just English or Creative Writing majors, are able to submit and/or be a member of the Pocket Lint team. If joining the editorial staff sounds interesting to you, Pocket Lint typically meets most Wednesdays at 4:10 p.m. in Maurer Link. Email with any questions.

Do you know how Pocket Lint got its name?

In researching this piece, the editorial staff was stumped to unearth the history behind how the literary journal got its unique name. If you know the factual history—or if you have a creative guess—submit your story to The funniest submissions will be shared on the Beloit College Facebook  page, when the latest issue of Pocket Lint hits the stands.