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McNair Scholar Jonathan Dudley'20 discusses inspiration for research

July 23, 2018
By Whitney Helm

J. Dudley'20 

Recently, McNair Scholar Jonathan Dudley'20 discussed the inspiration for his research this summer on the evolution of black power with the Forest Park Review.

Moving to Forest Park gave him the ability to soar in a different way because he wasn't surrounded by everybody who knew his situation so he was able to create who he was," said Dudley's mother. 

But only a few weeks after arriving into town, Dudley was stopped by a police officer on his bike, which had been given to him recently by a friend. The police officer asked Dudley a series of questions and then revealed the reason they had stopped him. 

A bike had been stolen and the police had received information that a man with a hoodie was riding a bike nearby.

 "I kind of just let out this scream, like I can't believe this happened. I was traumatized," says Jonathan.