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CELEB class inspires student to buy a house

July 30, 2018
By Whitney Helm

John Klobucar'19 Jerome Klobucar and Kristen Klobucar

John Klocubar'19 (center) stands with his parents, Jerome and Kristen Klobucar on the steps of his new property.

Three years ago, John Klobucar'19 enrolled in an entrepreneurship class at Beloit's Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB) and hatched a plan to buy a house in the city.

A political science major, John says the class taught him to take advantage of opportunities, while finding ways to give back and assist the community he's living in. During the class, he says he recognized a growing demand for off-campus housing options for students.

"Students want to live off-campus, and I wanted to offer a lower-cost option," says John.

Director of CELEB Brian Morello'85 says the class teaches students how to have an "entrepreneurial" mindset.

"We're often taught consumption is the way to happiness, but we try to teach students that investing, producing, and serving your community is also a way to be happy," says Brian.

Throughout the class, John and Brian worked to create a budget, looked into financing options, and calculated the price of rent at the home. After three years and seeing lots of houses, John says he found the perfect home a half-mile from campus and has already found tenants.

"Home buying is a difficult process," John says. "I'd find houses that were in bad condition that were cheap or good houses that were $100,000 and out of my budget."

John expects to graduate in 2019 and hopes to keep the Prairie Avenue home available as a rental option for students. John says he found a new passion about real estate and hopes to continue in the business upon graduation.

"I'm thrilled for him. It's particularly rewarding to see someone's idea be completed," says Brian. "We teach students to take the ideas they're thinking about and to go out and use it."