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Campus Stories


In the Stacks: Library acquisitions and guides for 2018

February 1, 2018
The lower level entrance, accessible from the sidewalk parallel to Emerson Street, is the alternate entrance during ongoing construction.

Library News

The library is happy to announce new and expanded subscriptions in 2018: 

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly publishes interdisciplinary work that explores the diversity of gender, sex, sexuality, embodiment, and identity in ways that have not been adequately addressed by feminist and queer scholarship.”

Our Project MUSE access grew by 150 titles. You can search the database directly and you will find content in our catalog. Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social sciences content.

Streaming media content on the Kanopy platform has expanded to provide ready access to four collections: Ethnicity & Identity, LGBTQ Stories, Independent film, and Classic Cinema. Content in these collections will appear in catalog searches or browsed directly. Links to Kanopy and Alexander Street collection also appear in the A-Z database list on the library page. Streaming content from both collections includes transcripts as well as options for on-screen captions. 

Archives News

During the fall semester, Alyna Karczmar '19, completed a special project within theArchives centered on diary research. Part of the finished work is a blog titled The Diary Repository at Beloit College. In addition, Alyna handmade a book, titled Echoes, about the different types of diaries one might find in the Archives. If you are interested in thediaries or Alyna's book, please visit the Archives on the lower level of the library or email Fred Burwell. 

Guide of the Month

Announcing the Beloit College Scholarly and Creative Works guide. This guide was created to celebrate the scholarship of campus by faculty, staff, and students. We have linked where there is institutional or open access. If access is not available, please consider depositing the pre-print of your article with the library. Should our alerts missed your publication, please let us know.


Faculty Development Session, Wednesday, Feb. 14, 12:30-1:20 p.m.

How do students approach research and how do faculty and library staff effectively teach students how to do research?

At this session, Kendra, Chris Nelson, and Meghan Dowell will discuss findings from student-led peer interviews. Which research skills have students found most useful? How have various class sessions and assignments provided the knowledge and experience students need to develop into effective researchers? What are some steps we can take to make sure students get the instruction and support they need?