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In the classroom: Sustainability in Spanish

February 26, 2017

In the classroom: Sustainability in Spanish 

Photo courtesy of Gabriela Cerghedean: Students look at the Cartonera Bookscollection at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Spanish Gabriela Cerghedean's Spanish 210 classes are turning the classroom into a library with its new project making "Cartonera Books" (cardboard books).

The project is supported by the Labs Across Curriculum Grant. The Cartonera Books movement has traveled from Argentina across Latin America and has now made its way to Beloit. Books are handmade using recycled materials, such as cardboard, and often feature handpainted covers by its authors. Students recently visited the University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Library Collection of libros cartoneros and attended a presentation by Ibero-American Studies bibliographer, Paloma Celis Carvajal. The bookscombine use of multiple disciplines, including art, sustainability, and language.

Gabriela began incorporating sustainability into her language classes in the spring semester of 2015 after receiving a Pathway to Sustainability grant. She says by adding sustainability in her classroom, students get to reflect on recent environmental challenges and learn how to reduce their human footprint on the environment.

Students will make their own libros cartoneros with Paloma visiting to do a demonstrative workshop later this semester. Once completed, their books will be displayed in the Logan Museum, stay tuned for details on that. Click here to learn more about Cartonera Books.