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Museum Monday: Senior exhibitions heat up the Wright

April 7, 2017
By Joy Beckman

Museum Monday: Senior exhibitions heat up the Wright 


Fourteen senior studio art majors will be showcasing their work at the Wright Museum of Art in a group exhibition titled "it is hot, IT IS SO HOT."

The work of these graduating female artists includes multimedia, sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, photography, printmaking, and installation, and is inspired both by personal introspection and drawn from the world around them. Some of the artists consider family, childhood, self, memory, while others focus on a critique of current social and political climate.

The works of Erin Kripke, Isobel Collier, and Grace Adams focus on self-portraits and the social portrait of a woman in society. Erin uses color photography to depict women and their personal experiences as they operate in their environments. Isobel's work explores the medium of collage medium, and explores the pressures of becoming the "perfect woman." Grace's work in ink and watercolor captures personal moments in an exploration of self-portraiture.

 Similarly, Kendra Keyes is interested in the relationships between art and anthropology and scientific methods of collecting, ordering, and exhibiting objects how personhood is constructed through personal organization and display. Agnes Shi draws inspiration from Victorian era literature and uses black and white photography to produce a series of "Unoccupied" images. Emma Kravig works with textiles to explore the subject of internal isolation and human interaction.  

Kyleigh Rivera is a native of New Mexico, and her installation creates a space for visitors to be introspective and meditative. Lola Davis' installation work that creates a conversation between geometric cement sculptures and "more human like material."

Angelica Estevez, Natalie Green, and Sara Guttman explore the childhood memories in different media. Angelica's work in etchings and screenprints draws on memories of childhood in the Dominican Republic with her grandparents and her sister. In a series of drawings and paintings, Natalie explores her own childhood growing up in the American South. Sara is a Chicago-based multimedia artist, who works in drawing, screen printing, and sculpture. Rraine Nolan is a large-scale relief wood carver. In this exhibit, she creates a series of carvings that strive to capture emotion in one still moment.

Both Laura Pratt and Sam Kindler ask viewers to grapple with current issues. She works with text-based etchings that prompt viewers to respond to the current political and social environment. Laura, a Minnesotan, uses densely layered charcoal drawings to deal with contemporary issues of mass extinction.

"it is hot, IT IS SO HOT"  will run from April 14 until May 14, with an opening reception on April 14 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.